About US

Amongst the vast population of India, Lakhs of people would say we are huge fan of SRK. But not everything which glitters is gold. Same is in the case of Fans. Not every person who says himself fan of SRK is an actual fan of SRK. For being an actual die-hard fan of someone one need to have a pure heart like that of gold. One need to be a devotee by nature, one need to fully devote oneself.

So is what SRK Chennai FC,SRK Chennai FC as a group is a collective effort of the individuals who have achieved the great height of success in the field of love & devotion towards King Khan. Being the true devotee, lovers, & great admirer of SRK, they do every possible thing which a human can do for the person whom he worship. The fan club was formed on 23rd August 2013 with very few members, but with the time many new members joined. The club is involved in various activities associated with SRK like movie screenings of SRK, charity events, fun events, & much more. Whatever event the club organizes is fully associated with the SRK or withany of the special memory associated with him.