Fan Of The Month

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Shreya Diwan

Shreya Diwan, A die-hard fan of Shah Rukh & an active member of the SRK Indore CFC. Her craze for Shah Rukh can be sensed after seeing the name of Shah Rukh in the form of a tattoo on her hand. Even after the strong opposition from her family, she didn’t compromise with her love towards SRK. She is always apt to attend an event associated to SRK. No matter what the event is about, where the event is? If SRK is related to the event she remains the first person to reach the event venue. She always prefers first-day first show when it is SRK movie.

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Akhil Agrawal

Akhil Agrawal, A die-hard fan of Shah Rukh. Akhil is the administrator of the SRK Indore CFC. He handles all the activities & the events conducted by the SRK Indore CFC. He makes his high contribution in taking the clubs & its event to the new heights of the success. There was a huge contribution of Akhil in making the DDLJ screening a great success at Indore. During his Singapore visit Akhil visited Madame Tussauds. Seeing his love for Shah Rukh, the manager of the museum arranged the special lights for a photo shoot. There Akhil had a photo shoot with the statue of the SRK.

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Aarush Sachdev

Every great association & group involves hard work, great initiatives, & strong determination. When all this component club together, it forms an incredible group. So is the hard work, strong determination & will desire involved behind the formation of the SRK Indore CFC. Here is the man Mr Aarush Sachdev, with whose efforts the SRK Indore CFC came into existence. Mr Aarush Sachdev, a true devotee of SRK. His love & craze for SRK can’t be pen down or expressed in the words. It can only be sensed. Influenced with the movie Don, he has tattooed SRK character in Don, on his hand. Law of attraction works in favour of him when the thing is about SRK. This power of attraction has provided him with the opportunity to meet Shah Rukh 2 times face to face.